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The BurlyQ Movie Star Glam. Freedom: We are not our Hair!! By: Nikoletta Skarlatos

The BurlyQ  Movie Star Glam.  Freedom:  We are not our Hair!!  

As promised I am reporting from one of the more exciting movie sets that I’ve experienced,  and I have been so fortunate to experience the very best!  I am currently working on a project called “ Nappily Ever After “ starring the formidable talent that is Sanaa Lathan. This movie is about EVERY woman’s journey with her hair and the symbology of hair in this and throughout  all cultures.  I am so proud to be a part of this project and I think that Sanaa’s devotion to her role is breathtaking.  ( She blew up twitter and almost shut down the internet when she finally shaved her head !)





This process and the character development is gradual and integral to the story. I will only reveal some behind the scenes fun, as well as to say that my inspiration for the make ups has varied with the hair designed by Larry Sims the fabulous, as we must create in concert with one another.

Sanaa is quite glamorous with various hair looks.  Depending upon which hair look,  either the eyes were accentuated or the lips.  In all cases, I have chosen muted peaches for her lips mostly, and particularly when bald, I have elected to not have lashes, and merely sculpt her beautiful features so that she looks even more as a Nubian goddess.

Below are two inspirations for the muted versus bold looks for the requisite scenes.

Nude lips, sculpted bone structure .  Dita Von Teese, NYX, Dior     2: Bold lips and a more dramatic eye for an evening statement. MAC, Nars, Julie Hewett newsprint bleu
I have drawn inspiration from this beautiful under eyes twenties look which I adore in it’s exotic simplicity.
Mac Mascara , Tom Ford eyeshadows, Trish McEvoy dark shadow liners, mac Lipstick with Julie Hewett camellia  lip Balm

And these muted peaches and soft bronzes worn by Chloe Kardashian which look stunning on film.

I am using Dior shadows, Mac Ruby Woo lipstick, MAC Mascaras…. a lot of MAC!!! Nars duos which are stunning Charlotte Tilbury, Dior gorgeous 5 palette , Chanel. Smash box, Tom Ford, NYX, Viseart, Murad, and Shea Moisture makeup which is superb….. to name a few…!

Here are some visions of our Movie Star and a few behind the scenes for the voyeur/ voyeuse in all of us!  Until next time… “ ART  CHANGES LIVES!!  xoxoxox


  • Emily

    Thank you so much for this wonderful post. lnt is so life affirming and extraordinary that this amazing actress Sanaa Nathan had the commitment and dedication for all woman and all peoples to shave off her beautiful hair. This is so positive for so many women of all races and colors the world over to know that we are not our hair and that we can and will and shall be loved for exactly who we are. THANK YOU Leslie, Thank you Nikoletta, Thank you Sanaa. Bless you all. Craving more!!!!!

  • Media

    I am in love with your insight! Keep them coming pleeeaaase