2017 July

Sweat the small stuff. I know, I know. You’ve always been told not to do this. In general, I agree. It’s easy to get lost in life’s little aggravations. They seem big at the time, but when you’re able to step back and see the whole picture, you can realize those frustrations can be a […]
Beauty trends  From SONY to the IFFAS, from Hollywood to Bollywood! .The Indian Film Fare Awards to be held this year In New York City…. July is full of gold and shimmer and red lips!!    Hollywood and Bollywood collide with the top in beauty and glamour all summer long!  My favourite look of the […]
New York Times Best-selling author Pam Jenoff on her amazing novel THE ORPHAN’S TALE.   I was absolutely blown away by this story of two women and their friendship set in a circus during WWII. It is riveting and I could not put it down. I was compelled to get in touch with her to […]
Sultry Summer Spritz Summer is in full swing which can mean only one thing in the land of booze…it’s Spritz weather! I’m addicted to the Spritz in it’s many forms and they are so easy to make, it’s the perfect drink for sipping in the sun by the pool. Ours adds watermelon juice for that […]
Tease Tips – Lessons in life, love and the art of tease By Michelle L’amour Photo by Mike White. Acceptance is healing. Every time I sit down to write a Tease Tip, I think about what is going on in my life. Things that I experience, observe and think about all play into what I […]
“MEANT TO BE” My Journey to BHOF (Part 4) written by Tito Bonito Now that the excitement of this year’s Burlesque Hall of Fame has softened a bit, what better time than now to reflect? In 2014, I worked with living legends Kitten ‘n Lou on a gig with Key West Burlesque. Humbly, I asked […]