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Recipe for the Faithtini Cocktail

Recipe for the Faithtini Cocktail

Ingredients Include:

2 oz vodka

1 oz of Blue Nun® Rosé

Wild hibiscus flowers and syrup

2 tbs Dehydrated raspberries

2 tbs White granulated sugar

What to do:

Dampen the rim of a martini glass with the wild hibiscus syrup. The best way to do it is to put a bit of the syrup on the edge of a paper towel and dab it around your glass rim. The syrup is too precious to pour and waste. Take the dehydrated raspberries and chop finely, almost to a dust, and combine with the sugar. Then twist the edge of the martini glass in the mixture until cover. Place the hibiscus flower in the center of the glass. In an ice-filled shaker, pour the vodka and the rosé, then a teaspoon of the syrup. Shake vigorously. Strain into the prepared glass. If you’re filling real authentic, present a side of bacon with the Faithtini. Enjoy!