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Perle Noire – Do you have the gift to be a mentor?

Do you have the gift to be a mentor?
One of the joys in my life is being a mentor to students around the world and of course, to my 6 gems from The House of Noire. Being a mentor is a full-time job that has brought a lot of joy to my spirit. In order to lead, you must have something special to offer the world. I believe it has to be a calling from the stars and the moon. Most importantly, you must be willing to give to your students without resentment or limitations. You must be a gift and a beacon of light, love, support, truth, and inspiration every day. It’s important to not only share your knowledge regarding show business but you must be forthcoming about the realities of life, and love. When you can bring your triumphs and vulnerability onstage or in a classroom, I believe you showcase power and the ultimate act of being naked. Being a performer begins as soon as the sun kisses your skin in the morning until the moon shines on you at night. It begins when you cry from joy or heartache. You must teach your students to use everything from glamour to heartache during their artistic journey! You must teach them the importance of being a vulnerable performer, as well as the importance of being polished and glamorous. And you must be willing to accept that your mentorship may open doors for your students that you may want to walk through, but never will. You must also be willing and open to your own evolution.  Are you a gift? Inspire someone today!