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Frozen Candied Prosecco Infused Grapes By: David Vezello

David’s Frozen Candied Prosecco Infused Grapes

The perfect poolside treat for a hot summer day

2 lbs. grapes I like to use both green and red mixed
1 bottle Prosecco
6 oz. vodka or clear grain alcohol
1-2 cups white sugar
Edible flowers for garnish

Wash and remove stems of the grapes. Place grapes in a large mixing bowl and pour Procecco and vodka over the grapes making sure all of the grapes are covered. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least one hour but not more than 4 hours. Drain off the alcohol. (You can reserve this for a cocktail later.)

Arrange grapes in a single layer on a sheet pan and pour the sugar over the grapes. Then roll the grapes around in the sugar making sure each grape is mostly coated. Then Place the sugar covered grapes in the freezer and refrigerate until solid. This will usually take about an hour.

To serve spread grapes out on a serving platter or shallow bowl. (You do not want to have the grapes stacked high in too many layers because the sugar may fall off from the weight.)