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Fall Fashion Face Forward on theburlyq! : By Nikoletta Skarlatos

Fall Fashion Face Forward on theburlyq!

 It is Autumn, time for the trees to shed their leaves and for the woman to shed her skin!  Skin being the operative word!
Fall is a time for reflection, rejuvenation, and reaffirmation.  So take the time to pamper your skin:  salt sea scrubs, body exfoliation… all things skin revitalizating! Exhale those winter pores right open.  Take this time to cleanse, renew and restore yourself for the winter months.
The Fall -Winter 2017  makeup look above as seen on the runways in Paris empahizes a fresh face with dewy looking skin …. simple yet glowing.
 Eyebrows are your Fall 2017 ” wingman “…… boldly framing the face they set the stage for you. No need to do a heavy makeup , just let your brows do the talking.  The eyebrows do not have to be perfect or sleek. Highlight around the eyebrows for more emphasis and definitely on the cheekbones to elevate the face.  We are emphasizing natural here!  As seen on Kaia Gerber.
Simple,  ultra dewy skin can be achieved using London Dewy Stix Luminous highlighting balm.  This brings a” lit from within” glow on bare skin or on top of makeup.  This product is never sticky or tacky to the touch.  Also try Julie Hewett shimmy in Goldie or Pinkie (pictured below). This product can be used all over the face to highlight , even in the corner of the eyes , on the brow arches,  and on your cupid’s bow of the lip .
Eyeshadow is another must have for this Fall. Eyeshadow must be simple and only one colour. We are using this to add depth to the face.  Defintiley not to overpower but to accentuate your own natural features. Pick one colour closest to your natural skintone and blend over the eyelid, to just under the brow arch , and under the eye as seen below:
Both Simi Haze and Jordyn Woods show varying degrees of eyeshadow that works with their skin tone sans eyeliner.   The ladies on the left have used a rosy shade as they have a pale pink undertone to their skin.  Jordyn ( on the right) is olive skinned . She applied an eyeshadow with a yellow undertone to blend effortlessly into her skin.   The eyes stand out dramatically even without a smokey eye or heavy liner due to the emphasis on the brows and cheekbones.  Thus the eyes are emphasized but not at the expense of the face, brows and of course, the lips. With that said… who doesn’t love a little pop of colour on the Lips at the end of the day?
Fall – Winter  2017 Lips  are accented with Red .  Our Muse Bella has captured this look of strong eyebrows, milky skin, highlighted cheekbones,  and skintone eyeshadow perfectly!   Here she has added a beautiful pop of colour on her lips with Dior 999.  Simply flawless !
Stay healthy and sexy with a beautiful full bold red lip!  This look is one of understated elegance and freshness.  The red lip creates a classic aura of beauty while resting in simplicity. Here are examples of this look personified….  from Hollywood Glam to the runway , to the social scene , to our daily life…..enjoy our Fall beauties below!!!!
 Timeless beauty defines Fall 2017! Until next time….Wherever you go… there you are!


  • Marla B

    This is exactly what I needed, as I’m starting a new chapter in my life and wanted a new look to correspond with it; something simple/natural, but fabulous at the same time and truly, these tips nailed it!! I’m going to try my new look on tomorrow and I can’t wait! Thank you!!!

  • Gitall

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