Tease Tips

Simmer Before You Boil: Tease Tips – Lessons in life, love and the art of tease By Michelle L’amour

Photo by Roxi D’Lite.

Tease Tips – Lessons in life, love and the art of tease

By Michelle L’amour

Simmer before you boil.

We all know what’s going to happen in a striptease. You come out with clothes on and you leave with pasties. But what’s interesting about it is how you get there.

Recently, I’ve been seeing that performers like to come out onto the stage already at a rolling boil. They’re sexed up and ready to go, but the problem is that there’s nowhere to go to if you’re already there. I’m not quite sure why this is such a big trend right now. Maybe it’s the audience? Do you feel like they won’t pay attention if you are too slow? Slow doesn’t have to be boring. I understand that slow movement for a performer is difficult and really puts you in a vulnerable position. But, when done right, slow is engaging. You’re pulling them into the pot and turning up the heat! Ok, now I’m getting hungry…

Think about it like sex. You need some foreplay. You don’t just go hop on a dick (or body part of your choice) and get off. You have to warm to the idea. You have to be teased and so hot and bothered that you just can’t take it anymore! Performing for an audience should be like making love to someone for the first time. They are getting to know you and you are getting to know them. Engage. Make eye contact. SLOW. DOWN. When both of you are ready you can start to increase the intensity. Things are getting wilder. You are stripping and dancing to a climax and then you stand there in all your naked glory and relish in their applause. Then, you can go backstage for a good cuddle with your fellow stripteaser.

Ok, now I’m getting horny…


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  • Egypt

    Love this thank you.

  • Foxy Bitters

    Yes Please! I agree totally…. and im all for the slow and sexy….!!!!

  • mimi la pomme

    Thanks for your precious words..