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Perle’s of Wisdom

The most important accessory a burlesque performer should have isn’t a Swarovski crystal, it’s confidence!
Confidence is the most seductive way to tease an audience. Throughout my career, I’ve been told that my confidence is a beacon of light and hope to women who find inspiration through my performances. What I’m about to say next will shock some people. My confidence comes from moments of resilience and triumph, and one cannot possess resilience without pain. When I’m walking on stage my fans always cheer, stand, and cry because my signature walk has power, and sex appeal! What they don’t know is that I am walking on my ghosts with each strut! When I walk, I imagine all of the kids who told me I was ugly every single day of my life in school. I imagine the teachers who joined in, and family members who used me as a punching bag. With each step, I imagine that my walk is pushing the memories of my past down to a grave! When I raise my arm with grace and seductive power, I am showcasing my brown skin that I thought was ugly growing up as a way to reclaim my power, and show other people that confidence has no limitations. That’s where my confidence comes from! I know that I’m a survivor! I know that I’ve made a life for myself that is filled with glamour and constant evolution. I am a woman who grew up poor and now I’m one of the most celebrated women of burlesque! I performed at The Sydney Opera House without any formal dance training and I am so proud of that. Your confidence can come from being a beautiful imperfection! Celebrate your life when you’re on stage and watch how the audience responds to you! You will have true confidence instead of choreographed confidence. That’s a priceless gift to give the audience.
Perle Noire the Mahogany Queen of Burlesque