Shimmy Shake

In honor of Tito Bonito, our guest blogger we have made the Following cocktail. Read more about Tito in his guest blog The Peaceful Colada. Easing the Cuban Missile Crisis The recipe is 2 oz.Light Bacardi Rum 1 oz. Pineapple Juice 1 oz. Cream of Coconut Juice of 2 Limes 1 oz. Cocnut Water Ice […]
The Flying Wards were an illustrious aerialist group thrilling circus audiences everywhere. Jennie and her brother Eddie first started practicing in their mother’s yard working between their apple trees. Jennie as born in 1889 (the same year as Mabel Stark in Illinois. Eddie’s future wife Mayne would design wardrobe for Sally Rand (Feuding Fan […]
The TEXAS 300 In honor of Texas Guinan   1 oz. Gin – I prefer Sapphire. 1 oz. Sparkling Wine – I used a Sparkling Rose 1oz. Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice ½ oz. Simple Syrup or Agave Splash of soda Squeeze of Lime Grapefruit Salt to rim the glass     Pour Gin, Sparkling […]
With Halloween season upon us naturally this week’s cocktail has a spooky theme! Caribbean folklore legend has it that La Diablesse who appears as a beautifully elegantly dressed woman on nights of a full moon, preys on wayward men (having possibly spent too much time at the local rum haunt) who stop to speak with […]
Tassel Twirler I’m not ready to let go of the summer just yet which is why this week I’m drinking tequila! As things start to cool off, this cocktail brings me back to those hot, sweaty, balmy nights that will be a distant memory in a few months. I use reposado tequila here, giving the […]
All Hail the Queen! This week’s cocktail pays homage to badass British dancer and actress Lydia Thompson often dubbed  the “queen of burlesque” who took New York by storm in 1868 with her performance troupe the British Blondes. Thompson and the Blondes made waves with audiences on their tour with performances combining comedy, satire, racy […]
Sultry Summer Spritz Summer is in full swing which can mean only one thing in the land of booze…it’s Spritz weather! I’m addicted to the Spritz in it’s many forms and they are so easy to make, it’s the perfect drink for sipping in the sun by the pool. Ours adds watermelon juice for that […]
Fearless Mabel’s Iced Tea This week I was inspired to make a drink in celebration of Mabel Stark, the world’s first female tiger trainer and subject of Leslie Zemeckis’ new award winning documentary ‘Mabel, Mabel, Tiger Trainer.’ Mabel was born in Tennessee and early on in childhood moved to Kentucky, the birthplace of bourbon, the […]
LA TROPICANA Inspired by one of Cuba’s most emblematic cocktails the Daiquiri and the whimsical, over- the- top cabaret institution, the Tropicana in Havana, our cocktail will transport you to the island with every sip! Some of my favorite flavors to play with during these warmer months: rum, pineapple and coconut. Salud y Buen Provecho!! […]
  Tempest Storm. I enjoyed meeting and interviewing Tempest Storm for both my film and book of the same name “Behind the Burly Q.” She was a gracious, forthright, smart lady. Born into poverty in Georgia, the young Annie Blanch Banks picked cotton. She began her stage career in the 1940 under the tutelage of […]