2017 March

Dardy Ginsky Dedicated to Dardy Minsky who recently passed but loved her Martinis back in the day! This is a twist on a classic Vesper which is a Martini that breaks all the rules: mixes gin and vodka, is shaken and not stirred and uses a Lillet Blanc rather than a dry vermouth. Our Dardy […]
Heidi Singer is the Beverage Director for Eataly Flatiron’s upscale restaurant, Manzo in New York City. A world traveler, she has a focused expertise in wine and spirits from Spain, Greece, France and Italy. When she’s not creating cocktails, tasting wine, or working the floor, she teaches and performs Fusion Belly Dance with Solstice locally and around the country with women […]
The Headmistress Sexy, sultry, and super boozy! This cocktail is not for the faint of heart with it’s intense smokey aromas and commanding flavors. Bitter, sweet, smokey and slightly citrusy; a perfect drink for a woman in charge. I like to pair this cocktail with food, specifically a big juicy steak… or enjoy with a […]