Guest Bloggers

Do you have the gift to be a mentor?   One of the joys in my life is being a mentor to students around the world and of course, to my 6 gems from The House of Noire. Being a mentor is a full-time job that has brought a lot of joy to my spirit. […]
BIO:  A born performer with a background in acting and dancing she burst onto the burlesque sceen in 2008 winning the Best Debut category during the BHoF weekend in Las Vegas.  21st Century Magazine named her one of the world’s top five performers three years in a row. She has spent several years as a […]
Have you ever had a moment where the stars align and universes converge and any doubts you have about the power of the force suddenly become obsolete? You vibe the magic. If just for a moment… You see, the only way to notice magic is to believe in it, so drink the Kool-Aid, or don’t, […]
Chef David Verzello Chef Verzello is an honors graduate of the California Culinary Academy and has worked New York, San Francisco, Italy and Napa Valley. For the past 15 years Chef Verzello has been hosting cooking schools in a villa in Lucca Italy. He has since moved to Green Valley and has been producing events […]
“BEST BOYLESQUE” My Journey to BHOF (Part 2) by Tito Bonito photo credit Fernando Guerrero and Psyko Boys The dynamic of “boylesque” has always had its place in the revival of vaudeville. Although, women are more likely to be seen dancing in shows than their counterparts, respectable men are equally invited to tease along. Over […]
For my latest installment for the wonderful website I have selected a few more of my favorites beauty and makeup secrets and tips.  Everyone please enjoy! I love all things NARS, particularly the single eyeshadows with their deep, rich pigment. Night Flight and Night Clubbing are two of my classic favourites.   At this precise […]
The historian and vintage lover is blessed with a driving curiosity yet cursed with a propensity for obsession. For example, have you ever walked into a thrift store or vintage boutique looking for some mundane household trinket, like dishes or picture frames? Only to have the wind knocked out of you at the sight of […]
NIKOLETTA SKARLATOS Makeup Designer, Department Head, Spokesperson Makeup artist and skin care specialist Nikoletta Skarlatos first fell in love with her art form as a child in Greece. Over the past twenty years she has collaborated with the top design houses of Chanel and Estee Lauder, as well as with some of the world’s most […]
I have always been a sore loser. Let’s just get that out of the way. For that very reason, when it comes to my performances, I prefer to showcase rather than compete simply because placing greater value on one piece of art over another softens the whole experience for me. But this is the Burlesque […]
BIO: Danielle Colby a fellow collector and lover of burlesque is a co-host on the History reality show “American Pickers.” Leslie and her developed a bond over shared history of women performers from the past and Danielle has a vast collection of clothing and costumes. She has a passion for the stories behind the clothes. […]