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Admitting What You Want Takes Courage

Photo by Timothy Norris

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By Michelle L’amour

Admitting what you want takes courage.

​Think about the dreams you have. The desires. The goals. Do you voice those dreams, desires and goals? Maybe you don’t voice them to another person, but can you admit them to yourself? I’ve come to realize that this is something I struggle with. I want a lot. I dream a lot. But, I don’t really acknowledge these things in a real and tangible way. I have successes in my career but I always want more. My hunger is insatiable and I’ve realized that I don’t admit that and I know I’m not the only one.

​Admitting a desire requires a level of vulnerability. A desire is something so deep and so personal that if you put it out into the open, you risk being shot down. What if you need something from a lover or a friend? There is risk in expressing your needs because you don’t know how the other person will react. This is why admitting your dreams and desires in the face of risk takes courage. You have to be willing to handle any reaction and still hold strong to your dream. But even before you start involving other people and risking their reactions towards you, you first need to admit things to yourself.

​If you have a desire that keeps burning in your heart, try first to write it out in a journal. See how that feels. You will experience a freedom and lightness. That will be joy! Then, try to speak it out loud to yourself. Again, you will experience giddiness from the power of your voice. Also try meditating on it. Letting your desires and dreams wash over you and seep into your cells. This is how you build your courage and your strength to admit your dreams to others. You will be so strong from this repetition and practice that you’ve done in private, that no reaction will shake you.

​Admit what you want and pursue the means necessary to go grab it. It won’t be an easy task but you can take this first step. Your life is yours!